June 5, 2008

Wedding Ceremony & Reception FAQ

This is an addendum to information on our wedding website and wedding invitations, once they are sent out. Keep in mind that our ceremony and reception will take place at the same location.

I've gotten the wedding invite, but I'm confused - how do I RSVP?
You can RSVP to our wedding one of two ways:
1. Call the number listed on the invite, which is for Justin's phone. Just let Justin (or his voicemail) know if you're coming and who is coming with you.
2. Visit www.waythatyouwalk.com and click on 'Wedding RSVP' in the left-hand sidebar. The RSVP function on our website lets you tell us how many people are coming, what their names are, and any other info you'd like to share.

We're having a buffet that includes a variety of foods, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, so there is no need to include food preferences in your RSVP. If you are bringing kids, we'd like to know their ages, so we can make sure they're accommodated.

Maps, parking info, and hotel locations are located in the Directions section of our website. Use the Contact Us function to send us a message if you need the password.

By the way, what do all the images on the invite represent?
Glad you asked! You can learn more here.

Where can we park?
UPDATE: Parking is now available in the streets surrounding the wedding location. Carpooling is greatly encouraged. Please note that there will no longer be parking in or shuttle services to and from the nearby Bull Creek District Park. A map for the wedding site is located in the Directions section of our wedding website. The wedding site is also denoted with a star on the map included in the wedding invitations. Feel free to contact us via the wedding website with any questions.

What about lodging?
The wedding will take place during the day and the reception will end at 9:00 pm, so anyone who lives close to Austin may want to forgo staying the night. If you do stay in town, though, there are many affordable and high-end hotels throughout Austin, and you can find a listing of them here. You can also find a list of hotels closest to the wedding venue on the Directions page of our wedding website (if you need the password, just message us via the wedding site). We will not be blocking or reserving hotel rooms, but we may be able to make accommodations for some of the wedding party.

What is the dress requirement?
Our wedding is going to be informal and outdoors, so we request that you leave the tuxedos, business suits, gowns, and high heels at home. There will be dancing, yard games, lounge areas, and mingling, so dress comfortably. We do ask that you don't wear anything too casual but, rather, the type of clothes you might wear to church or 'business casual.' If you got a favorite pair of Chuck Taylors, though, please wear them! Keep in mind that the wedding will be in March, when the weather is not quite hot and not quite cold, so you may want to dress in layers. The bride wants you to know that she doesn't mind at all if anyone else wears white, and if you feel the need to match our wedding, our colors are yellow and gray.

Where are you registered?
Justin and Sarah are registered at Crate and Barrel and Target.

Can we bring our kids?
Kids of all ages are welcome, but we ask that anyone with very small children or babies keep in mind that they may not be comfortable being at a wedding ceremony and reception for several hours and we will not have any babysitting or designated "baby areas" available. Note, though, that we will have a kid-friendly menu for the under-12 crowd in attendance.

Can we bring our dogs?
We love dogs, but to keep things under control they won't be allowed at the wedding. Our two Jack Russell terriers will make a brief appearance at the very start of the ceremony, then be whisked away for the evening. No dogs will be present for the duration of the ceremony and reception, but our hosts' dogs may be around the morning of the wedding, as everything is put into place.

We're going to take lots of pictures. How do we share them with everyone?
For long-term galleries, we suggest you use either kodakgallery.com or flickr.com. Both sites allow for public or invite-only viewing and both provide the opportunity to order prints, postcards, photo albums, and more. We have a wedding flickr site and will provide guests with a password and login at the wedding so that everyone has access.

Since your wedding will be outdoors, can I smoke at it?
No. The ceremony and reception areas are no smoking only. However, we will have a designated area for those of you who need regular smoke breaks. Some of our guests are very sensitive to cigarette smoke and smell, so please be mindful of that.

You're having a Jewish wedding ceremony? What's up with that?
Well, Justin is technically Jewish and Sarah's converting. Judaism and the Jewish culture mean a lot to us, and we are very excited about incorporating it into our lives. We will explain all elements of the ceremony in our wedding program, but you can also learn about Jewish wedding traditions here.

What's the deal with all of your wedding themes? What are they?
When we first started planning, we had one theme: citrus and herb. This theme was inspired by our desire to have a lemon rosemary cake and by our Martha Stewart color scheme of marigold and pewter. Since then our color scheme has evolved to include any shade of yellow and gray, and our themes have increased in number. At our wedding you will see elements of the following: Star Trek; Converse sneakers; our pets; a variety of movies; Judaism; nature and gardening, particularly Texas flora; Italy; cover music; plus the original citrus and herb and who knows what all else! Additionally, we have an over-riding theme of environmental consciousness. You can learn more about that here. We hope to bring it all together in one cohesive feeling of fun and festivity. Mostly, we want our wedding to reflect us in its uniqueness.

Where are you going on your honeymoon?
We'll be heading to Italy the day after our wedding! We'll be there for 10 days as we visit Rome, Florence, various Tuscan towns, and the northwestern coast.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via our wedding website at www.waythatyouwalk.com. Thank you!

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