June 14, 2008

I've Got a Dress!

I've looked at a lot of styles of dresses, but the one I've had my heart set on is this fouf-y empire-waisted number from J.Crew:

However, J.Crew doesn't carry this dress anymore, and even if they did it would be way out of our budget. We'd much rather spend money on other things than a dress I'm either never going to where again or will have turned into a cocktail dress.

But, I have ended up with a J.Crew dress. I won't tell you which one - you'll have to wait and see! Two awesome things about it are that (1) my mom won it off of ebay for a bargain price and (2) I'm going to be able to dress it up with some seriously funky accessories, inspired by some of the looks I've seen on Offbeat Bride.

-- Sarah

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