June 17, 2008

Steak and Salad

In case anyone is wondering where all of our URLs (waythatyouwalk) are coming from, they originated with a song sung by the character Brak on the now defunct show Cartoon Planet. Justin and I think this song is hilarious, and in a bizarre way, it reflects our relationship.

Click here to listen to it.



I love you baby -
I love the way that you walk.
I love you baby -
I love the way that you talk.
I really like it when you call my name,
'Hey Brakky Wakky.'

I like you sister.
I like your Aunt Louise.
I like your doggy.
Hey, I even like his fleas.
I really like it, when you tickle me...
Hehehehe stop it!

Somebody left a cake out in the rain.
Ohhhh Nooooooo.
I was gonna eat that cake, but now it's all wet
And I don't think I want any.

We could get married,
Just the two of us.
You could get a job driving a school bus.
I love you baby.
Will you marry me?

You don't have to decide right away.
Think it over.
Who's it gonna hurt?
Where ya going?

-- Sarah

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