March 14, 2012

And So It Is

Bixby's First Days

So... I meant to write this in the two months I was on maternity leave, but obviously that didn't happen. Motherhood has truly taught me a lesson in prioritizing. Still, I wanted to write my story down so that my good memories aren't lost through time, and so I can flush the bad memories out of my system. My birth experience was a very positive one, and I'm excited to share that story. My postpartum recovery, however, was very rough and emotional, but I think it's important to share on the off chance that someone comes across it and knows that they're not alone.

This isn't a very graphic post, but there is a bit of TMI and mentions of mental illness (depression & anxiety). I'm putting it all under a cut mainly due to length. For those of you who do chose to read this, I hope you find it useful or, at the very least, interesting. I've tried to include linked definitions of things that most people don't know about until they're actually pregnant or in a relationship with a pregnant person, as well as links to helpful blog posts about other moms' personal experiences.