July 3, 2008

It's So Easy Being Green!

Recently on her blog, Eco Chic Weddings, Emily Anderson said of environmental consciousness, "this is not about a theme...it's about a way of being."

Over the past year or so, we have been trying to adjust our life to be more earth-positive. We're really excited about moving out of our apartment and into a house soon because of the sustainable options it will give us, and we really do want to make 'eco chic' a way of life. While going green is, in a way, a theme for our wedding, it's not a trend. For us, it's a way for one of the biggest events in our life to have as little environmental impact as possible.

In order for us to keep track of what we're doing to have an environmentally responsible wedding, here's a list of our green wedding goals and accomplishments, in no particular order. Update: Our wedding is now featured on the Green Bride Guide's Real Green Weddings! You can read all about it here.

1. Our caterers, Pink Avocado, and our bakers, Coco Paloma Desserts and Justin's aunt Ana Watson, are dedicated to using organic and/or locally-sourced ingredients in the buffet food and our cakes.
2. We'll be serving organic and biodynamic wines and organic or locally-brewed beers. Our best man, Dan Redman of Mosaic Wine Group, will be helping us on the wine front.
3. The plates, cutlery, napkins, linens, and glasses will all be reusable. Most of the disposable cups, cutlery, and cake plates are biodegradable and made from corn. Our cocktail napkins will be made from recycled and/or biodegradable paper.
4. My engagement ring uses vintage diamonds once owned by my paternal grandmother. My wedding band belonged to Justin's maternal grandmother.
5. All paper products used for programs, invites, etc. are recycled (and recyclable). Some of our paper goods will be printed by a green printer using soy-based inks and environmentally-responsible processing. Our programs will have covers made from seeded paper that can be planted to create a little garden.
6. We'll be purchasing carbon offsets for our guests and our own electricity and automotive usage to create a carbon neutral event.
7. Our limo runs on biodeisel!
8. We're going to use as many in-season and/or locally-sourced flowers, fruit, and plants as possible for centerpieces, bouquets, etc. All of the decorations for our wedding will be reused or recycled.
9. The sun will provide most of our lighting, but all of the candles will be made entirely or partially from soy wax and placed in reused glass containers.
10. Some or all of our outfits are reused (found on ebay), and we'll definitely wear them and our accessories again. Many of our accessories are handmade, rather than factory made, and some are made with environmentally-conscious materials. Our dry cleaners are eco-friendly and PERC-free!
11. We're doing as much online as we can to cut down on paper-usage.
12. All of our photography, by Arol J. Horkavy, is digital, which means no harsh chemicals and no wasted paper.
13. Through the I Do Foundation, 5% of any online purchase from our Target registry will be donated to Earth Share of Texas. Learn more at www.idofoundation.org/waythatyouwalk. We'll be recycling all wrapping and packaging used on our registry gifts.
14. We've also set up an easy way to donate directly to Earth Share of Texas via the From Us section of our wedsite.
15. Our ketubah vendor is working to become a certified green business. Ready more about their goals here.
16. Our pre-wedding parties and events will use the same green party supplies mentioned in #3, and some of our food will be locally-sourced and/or organic. We plan to recycle as much waste as possible. All invites will be electronic rather than paper.
17. Our portable toilet makes use of environmentally-friendly technology rather than chemicals. Read more about it here.
18. The majority of our vendors are local businesses, which often results in a lower carbon-impact than that created by large or chain businesses.
19. Our wedding night will be spent in the Driskill Hotel, which has specific list of green goals.

We'll be updating this list as planning continues, so check back for more info. To learn more about sustainable weddings, please visit the above-mentioned Eco Chic Weddings, The Green Bride Guide, and Earth Friendly Weddings.

-- Sarah

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